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LEM is a trio based in Belgium.
It consists of Nicolas Ekla (vocals), Wilf Plum (bass) and Flo Cha (keyboards).


Active since the early 2000s, LEM started as Nicolas Ekla's solo project. Nicolas has had several musical lives with his former bands, including Paratroops, Trumpet Call, Les Brochettes and Ming. He is also a film-maker under his original identity, Nicolas Deschuyteneer. He has written fiction films in which music plays an important part. His second feature-length film, Fat Cat, co-directed with Patricia Gélise, is a thriller set in an ever-demolishing city, Brussels.

With LEM, he began experimenting with electronics and compositions without vocals. In 2000 he released a mini album on Heroika, reflecting this approach with tracks like "Le parcours occidental". As the years went by, LEM came back to a more open form, creating a synthesis of electronic music, quirky pop with vocals in french. LEM's lyrics are both metaphorical and incisive, regularly invoking glorious figures such as Fassbinder, Rimbaud and Maiakovski.

Through his songs, LEM aims at other shores, as in "Bientôt le cosmos", its first solo album. Released in 2003 on the label Pneu, it contains tracks that have become classics in its repertoire, such as "Mehr Licht" and "Héliogabale".

"The second album, Soulstreet, was released in 2009 on the Parisian label Dokidoki. The mood of the record is charged with the souls’s passion (Les amants de la nuit), (Une jeune fille), with the mystery of what takes over our lives (Le trésor)…

It was during the creation of LEM’s second album that Wilf Plum joined Nicolas. Wilf plays bass. A tireless travelling musician on European stages, formerly with the Dog Faced Hermans, he also played drums in the famous Orchestre tout puissant Marcel Duchamp. Versatile musician of Scottish origin, once living in the Netherlands and now firmly established in Belgium, he is the group's musical memory.

Flo Cha, the keyboard player, is the latest addition to the combo, a musician/videographer who likes to experiment with different atmospheres, as in her baroque solo project Refurinn Kitsune. She also directed the video clip for the song "Le modèle".

With their third album Vanitas, released in 2022 on the young Brussels label Slouch Hat, the LEM trio "combines dub or postpunk grooves and the sharpest synthetic sounds to enliven the black poetry of Nicolas Ekla " and tours happily in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, and most recently in Paris at the legendary Sonic Protest festival.

The band will be releasing a new single in September 2024, followed by a new live set in the form of a tribute to Françoise Cactus of Stéréolab.

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